the cook

I launched this blog because I believe cooking is not just an art: it’s love. Cooking for someone is a pleasure, an honour, a way of loving.

Everyone can cook with love. No matter who you are, loving the food you make is the utmost way to love yourself and those around you.

There are many types of cooks in the world: I’m a intuitional one. I don’t weigh my ingredients with scientific accuracy and monitor how long I have left something in the oven. I scrabble and scramble and make myself a white dusty flour coat most days – but my kitchen is always full of joy, dancing, and the smell of freshly baked goods. There is nothing more wonderful than a kitchen full of love.

I want to inspire you to create. Whether you are living alone on a budget, you are feeding a family or hosting a feast, we will do it together. And that’s why I’ve focused my recipes around simple, elegant food with readily available, healthy ingredients and avant-garde twists: it’s accessible for everyone, not too weird and not too safe.


Creativity is embedded in the roots of my spirit.

I can’t say I grew up running in aubergine fields or smelling freshly squeezed orange juice. I didn’t even steal apples from the bountiful fruit trees like my parents before me did. But I do have memories of scrambling between the highest rock walls and stumbling along tiny winding hedgerows to harvest little wild strawberries; of gathering wild nettles timidly for nettle soup, and ritually wrapping my hands in doc leaves each time as inevitably they would be stung for my efforts.

Surrounded by the sea, forests, moorlands, rolling hills and rivers, I first found my love of cooking in the outdoors. Whether it was on a campfire or frying wild mushrooms in our camper van overlooking trickling green water, lush trees and centuries old stone bridges … these were the pots and pans I used and loved.

Now I cook in a little kitchen filled with fresh herbs, aromatic spices and dried pasta. I have a small garden outside where nasturtiums run wild and chives grow like forests. My heart feels big with happiness when I cook; it’s good for my soul.


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  1. Hello,
    I am from France, I have just discovered your blog and I really enjoy to discover foreigner gastronomy. I share your opinion about food. To be honest, I think food is our souvenirs, moments, occasions, life, discover… I also have a blog about food (and art) because for me there is Two common points : share the creativity and create emotions too.
    Thanks for your blog and this discover is really interesting. Your blog is wonderful.


  2. Aruna says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog; it helped me discover yours. 🙂

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    1. How kind! I’m looking forward to learning lots of new recipes from you 🙂


  3. Lovely blog; look forward to reading many of your posts:) Thanks a ton for stopping by mine!

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    1. Thank you so much, that means the world to me! 🙂 I also have a neglected but none the less loved travel blog; .


  4. Loved reading about you Ellanor, such a pleasure to make your acquaintance… 🙂 I’m sure we would have a great time if we got to meet some day!!! ❤ big hugs!

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  5. Thanks for finding me Ellanor – your blog looks awesome, I look forward to looking through your posts more thoroughly! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy looking through and learning some new recipes.
      Likewise for your blog. I was really intrigued and will certainly read more! 🙂

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  6. Your passion for food and cooking is evident by the way you have expressed yourself. Can’t wait to read more of your recipes. 😊 Great into. Let’s connect an inspire each other.

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